Holding together your technology

The best hardware and software mean nothing if there is nothing holding them all together. Your network is the quiet, behind-the-scenes tool that holds together the fabric of your technology.

Wired or wireless?

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. We help you understand your wired and wireless options and how those options impact your users, costs, timeline, supportability and security.


How you stay connected to the network may seem like an ongoing mystery. But it is about knowing how the components work together, the carrier alternatives and constant monitoring. That is where we shine.

The Hardware

Since we are business-minded people, we understand making the most with what you have. That is why we use our expertise at leveraging the equipment you currently have. If it is not going to work out, then we use our relationships with our friends at Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, HP and VMware to give you the best creative and cost-saving solution possible.

Supporting your network

Even the best laid plans will sometimes fall through. We will be there every step of the way to get you the support you need. We offer a flexible managed support service which includes monitoring, tech support, software updates and more.


Invisible Technology

Working for you behind the scenes to ensure your IT infrastructure is performing efficiently.


Transparent Technology

Our NetTend service is constantly monitoring your network to prevent inefficiencies.


Visible Technology

We offer custom-designed solutions along with optional implementation services and training that are supported by your IT staff.