Professional Services

Experienced business people with technology expertise

While some firms may see your technology as a tangle of separate pieces, our engineers, project managers and consultants see how all the pieces flow together. We remain focused on your business goals and use our creativity and expertise to create the most effective solutions.

Every step of the way

As part of our methodology, we start with a clear assessment of you, your business and your goals. We listen. That is just the beginning. Because we can also design the project architecture and then implement our strategy. If we need to, we can even train you and your colleagues. Our focus is your success, so we can play whatever role is going to suit your needs.

Creative and communicative professionals

Lots of IT companies have a team of geeks with a bunch of acronyms and certifications behind their names. But, at Netelligent, that is where we just get started. Every engineer and project manager has at least 10 years of business experience. That means they can find creative solutions and they bring more in value than we will ever take in payment.

The unsales people

Salesy people do nothing but make people feel uncomfortable. When you are partnered with us, we work alongside you. Instead of focusing on selling you a certain solution, our consultants are business visionaries with tech savvy. It’s not unusual for our clients to use us as a first phone call when they run into a technology problem.