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Collaboration is Key in Achieving Healthy Hybrid IT

It is not an easy task to make Hybrid IT successful. As the market moves in this direction, more and more businesses are having the conversation about which technologies they should keep in house, which they should outsource, and how they will manage those functions which they do outsource. As a trusted IT partner and a leader in Hybrid IT, we view our role as one which helps clients navigate through all of their options, to ensure that our partners arrive at the most strategic solutions for their businesses.

Open and honest communication about a client’s needs and our ability to deliver against those needs is where our most successful relationships begin. Adjusting to a scalable, IT solution, surviving the initial transition process and a general reluctance to engage IT for support, are common concerns which emerge when we partner with new clients. With ‘eyes wide open’, we encourage open dialogue and collaboration about these concerns at all levels of our organization, and with all of our clients, in an effort to work through the process and face these challenges head on.

About Luke Johnson: As Vice President of Services, Luke knows what it takes to create a true partnership between a business and its clients. In his five years at Netelligent, he has aligned and enhanced its service model to meet and exceed those of its customers. His contributions impact all areas of the organization, and keep Netelligent positioned for success. Luke’s approach to service, Netelligent solved some of its clients’ most challenging needs and established itself as a truly dedicated IT partner. To learn more about Luke, visit:

With DaaS Certification, Netelligent Achieves Trifecta

NETELLIGENT Corporation, a technology solutions company, announced today that it has achieved the Cisco Powered Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Certification. This completes its third Cisco Powered Cloud Services designation, as Netelligent has already earned Cisco Powered Private Cloud (IaaS) and Cisco Powered Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) designations.

In order to achieve a Cisco Powered DaaS Certification, solution providers must first earn two Cisco master certifications.  In recent years, Netelligent Corporation has earned both Cisco’s Master Cloud & Managed Services and Master Unified Communications certifications.  Consistently demonstrating its ability to sell and deliver Cisco solutions at the highest standards, Netelligent is the first in the region and one of only two solution providers in the world, to achieve this high level of recognition.

Desktop as a Service gives employees the ability to access a controlled desktop environment via the cloud. It also gives IT the ability to monitor and maintain a high-level of security by simply managing the applications, access rights and ability to disable desktop rights when needed. The Cisco DaaS solution provides clients with an enormous security advantage as they expand their workforces, enabling them to control how data is accessed and shared among devices.

Achieving the DaaS certification ensures that Netelligent’s DaaS offering is built on Cisco’s blue print of ‘best practices’.  “Cisco and Desktone by VMWare’s cloud-based DaaS solution serves as the foundation of our Desktop  as a Service offering,” said Rick Chapman, co-founder and CTO at Netelligent.  “With Desktop as a Service, Netelligent is able to deliver a highly secure, high-performance solution optimized for multi-tenancy and virtualization. Cisco Powered DaaS significantly reduces management for customers by eliminating the need to maintain and upgrade data center environment, while also helping companies refocus IT resources on developing applications that expand their services or improve efficiencies in their workflows.”

Netelligent is committed to innovation, and is known for reliability in its technical offerings.  “This certification proves the value of our services, and was no small undertaking” said Luke Johnson, Netelligent’s Vice President of Services. “Customers know that if they have a virtualized desktop running on their network that is audited and certificated by Cisco, it is being done right.  The combination of Cisco, Desktone and Netelligent equals reliability.”

About Netelligent

Netelligent Corporation is a technology solutions company. Netelligent provides companies with the basic technologies they need to run their business (phone system, Servers/Virtualization, networking, video). Our mission is to help elevate business above technology. We take a neutral approach in helping to determine what IT consumption model best benefit’s each client organization (on-premise, managed, or cloud). Founded in 2003, Netelligent is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and has three data centers located in Colorado, Missouri, and Singapore.  Netelligent is a Cisco Gold Partner and SOC II Certified. Additional information about Netelligent can be found on their website


School District Learns that Hosted Collaboration Solution is The Smart Choice


At first glance, the Ritenour School District may not seem like the most likely place to find the latest technology being applied to education. Despite serving a population where older homes with two or three bedrooms are common and roughly 76 percent of the families qualify for free or reduced lunches, the district has consistently been a leader in integrating technologies such as laptop computers, iPads, wireless networking, interactive white boards and more into the classroom.

Sometimes that leadership can work against the district, however. That was the case with its phone system. An early adopter of Voice over IP (VoIP), by 2013 its phone system was showing its age. The software for its Cisco Unified Communications system had advanced so much that the district would have to replace all its servers to catch up.

“We were stuck pretty much where we’d started several years before,” says Mike Wieland, Assistant to the Superintendent for Support Services. “We’d had one upgrade over seven years. We have a very small IT staff, and maintaining the old phone system was taking up far too much of their time. Yet because the system was older it was very difficult to find outside support. It finally became apparent that we couldn’t put it off any longer. We needed to replace the old phone system.”

One of the major challenges, however, was funding. Because of the socio-economic realities of its communities, Ritenour School District couldn’t afford to upgrade the technology itself. It needed E-Rate funding to cover the majority of the costs. Yet the district didn’t qualify for enough funding to upgrade the servers and other equipment. It needed a more creative solution.


As a government entity, Ritenour School District had to seek bids from several potential providers. In the end, however, the proposal from Netelligent, a Cisco Gold Partner, Master Partner and Cloud Partner with whom the district had worked previously, provided the best option.

Rather than replace hardware, Netelligent recommended that Ritenour School District move to a Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), which they would manage. Because Netelligent maintains two data centers in different geographies, the HCS would automatically add a desired business continuity element to the communications system. Once it was confirmed that the E911 technology would pinpoint calls to the point of origination, Ritenour School District awarded the contract to Netelligent.

Business Results

The most significant result that Ritenour School District has seen is that its IT department is completely out of the telephone business. Their assistant continues  the responsibility for moves, adds and changes (MACs), along with the Netelligent staff.

“A lot of the MAC work we do is seasonal,” says Wieland. “At the beginning of the year teachers tend to move around more, seeking out what they believe are better classrooms. After that, though, it drops off considerably. Since they no longer need to maintain phone server hardware or patch software, our IT staff is free to take on other, more impactful work. We pride ourselves on our use of technology to educate today’s learners in a way that fits their life experiences. Not having to worry about the phones gives our IT staff the bandwidth to look for new and better ways to apply technology in the classroom.”

Proof of concept for the business continuity aspect of Cisco HCS came quickly. In the spring of 2013, a series of tornadoes and floods ripped through the St. Louis area, knocking out power and communications throughout the community – including the building that formerly housed the phone system.

“We were without power for a few days, but since we’d already moved everything to Netelligent all of the phones continued to work in all our buildings,” Wieland says. “That was important not only from a business standpoint but from a safety and security point of view. Had classes been in session at the time we would have no concerns about our ability to keep students, faculty and staff safe – even in a 911 situation.”

Moving to HCS not only solved the technical issues, it also overcame the first barrier to launching the project – funding. Ritenour School District didn’t have the available cash reserves to fund the project itself, and so needed to qualify for E-Rate funding.

“The issue for us is that E-Rate has different rules for different types of projects,” says Wieland. “While the economics of the communities we serve allow more than three-quarters of our families to qualify for the lunch subsidies, it still isn’t enough to qualify for E-Rate Priority 2 funding. As a result, we couldn’t afford to make hardware upgrades even if we wanted to. But because the discount off services under Priority 1 is 86 percent, it only cost us $14 out of pocket for every $100 we invested. That made the change we already wanted to make affordable.”

The ultimate success measure for the district, however, was the fact that the faculty and staff weren’t aware that a change had been made, and didn’t notice any differences in their service. He attributes much of that “non-event” to the quality and care Netelligent took in its approach to the project – and the district’s technology needs as a whole.

Netelligent Corporation Achieves the 2014 Channel Partners 360 Award

Netelligent Corporation, a technology solutions company, is pleased to announce they were selected as a winner of the 2014 Channel Partners 360⁰ Business Value Awards.

Channel Partners editors and an expert panel evaluated and scored all applications to determine the Top 50 candidates that exemplify the Channel Partners 360° values and Netelligent was chosen. To be considered for the Channel Partners 360⁰ award, Netelligent had to demonstrate how they address the convergence of IT and telecom services, creating business value for businesses who use their services.

“As a premier cloud provider, we were honored to be recognized along with other quality providers in the channel, “said Ginger Clay, Director of Marketing. “We’ve put countless time and resources into making sure our cloud offering is Cisco-powered certified and meets the industries toughest challenges.”

“The response to last year’s inaugural Channel Partners 360° awards has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Khali Henderson, Editor-in-Chief of Channel Partners. “Unlike other programs that honor size and sales, this program recognizes the business value that partners are providing to their customers from holistic solutions.”

Awarded as one of fifty winners honored on Feb. 26 at the Spring 2014 Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Netelligent Corporation is featured in Channel Partners’ March digital issue, which can be found online at

About Netelligent Corporation

Netelligent Corporation is a technology solutions company. Netelligent provides companies with the basic technologies they need to run their business (phone system, Servers/Virtualization, networking, video). Our mission is to help elevate business above technology. We take a neutral approach in helping to determine what IT consumption model best benefit’s each client organization (on-premise, managed, or cloud). Founded in 2003, Netelligent is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and has three data centers located in Colorado, Missouri, and Singapore. Netelligent is a Cisco Gold Partner and SOC II Certified. Additional information about Netelligent can be found on their website

About Channel Partners Magazine

Channel Partners magazine is the leading publication for telecom and IT distribution channels. For more than 25 years, Channel Partners has been the undisputed leader in providing news, analysis and education to the indirect sales channels serving the business technology and communications industry. In addition, Channel Partners online ( delivers a constant content stream of unique and breaking industry news, feature articles and premium downloadable content. As official media of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo ( and Cloud Partners (, Channel Partners is the market leader that channel professionals turn to first.

Business First: Migrating from On Premise VoIP to Netelligent’s Hosted Voice

Hosted_On-PremiseTechnology moves pretty fast, and Netelligent’s ability to stay one step ahead of the curve allows us to better serve our customers as their needs grow. One of the products that people are consuming in greater quantities is VoIP, and we anticipate that trend will continue. Netelligent’s Hosted Voice option is really unique in the marketplace; and the decision to migrate from an on premise voice solution to a cloud based solution is one example of how businesses are using their IT resources strategically, to remain agile and competitive in their own markets.

On Premise VoIP
We’re currently working with a larger, mid-market, international organization, with a few thousand employees who are in the process of migrating to a full cloud solution for their voice network. Several years ago, they purchased a Cisco collaboration system from us with voice, video, and application sharing capabilities. When they purchased the system, they had dedicated internal resources to support it, and they maintained their own datacenter. We did the project work to set it up, and then we handed them the keys.
Business was good, and they experienced growth. As they expanded however, new challenges developed. Those same dedicated, internal, IT resources became bogged down with day to day issues to support the functions of their network, and their phone system. And due to the growth, the company needed those resources more than ever to focus on strategic initiatives; such as researching and rolling out systems and applications to boost internal productivity, and stay competitive in their market. The distraction was costly, and they decided migrate to managed services: Netelligent was to be fully accountable for their infrastructure.

When we talk about managed services, we refer to two components. NetTend is our infrastructure support which directly supports the IT departments of our customers. It keeps their phone system, or network, or wireless LAN or server up and running effectively and optimally. The other component is our help desk, which takes support calls and works through incidents with end users at a customer’s location.
NetTend is very unique. We have a great bench of expertise with Cisco-based solutions and are very specialized in this area. We staff in-house engineers with years of experience in project work, support and maintenance; as well as solutions on the cloud side. And, we have the ability to escalate outside of a support team to a field engineering or a design engineering team, which is something many managed services companies simply do not have. So rather than worrying about the next IT breakdown (which will come at the worst possible time), NetTend minimizes downtime for our clients and maintains their internal productivity. With one predictable monthly invoice and three levels of service and monitoring to choose from, businesses very soon realize their return on this investment.
Our client has been using NetTend for four years, and they’ve been very pleased with the service. As expected, it has allowed them to maintain a strategic focus and keep their emphasis on the business. However, they’re still purchasing equipment, maintaining a datacenter, upgrading servers and software, and buying licensing and licensing support. All of this, for an infrastructure that we’re already accountable for supporting. For them to remain agile and stay competitive, it finally makes sense for them to hand over this last piece of the puzzle. They’re looking to Netelligent’s Hosted Voice, our cloud version of VoIP, as the final step in moving technology out of the way of their business.

Netelligent’s Hosted Voice
The market is moving toward a utility model for IT, and Netelligent’s Hosted Voice delivers the same end result to users as an on premise VoIP solution. There is absolutely no difference in functionality between the systems that the customer owns (and we support); or the cloud version, where we own the equipment and then support it and maintain it in our datacenters. End users of either system will not know the difference between the two.
So for our client, Hosted Voice is the next logical step in their migration, and it will provide them with several key advantages. Costs for equipment are minimal (the only hardware purchase is the phones), and there are no additional hardware or software costs to consider as their needs grow or change. With the cloud version of VoIP, there is no need to maintain a datacenter, pay for upgrades, licensing or set up fees. And, they will only pay only for the resources they need, only as they need them. Although clients expect to see a financial return on their IT, it’s no longer just about money. It’s really more about being strategic, and efficiency focused that will bring the most value to their business.
Due to the immense scalability of our private cloud model, we have the ability to support small organizations with 100 employees in one location; and global organizations with 50 branches worldwide and 20,000 users. We’ve built on massive scale, so the resources dedicated to each client are always there. By migrating to a full cloud solution, clients have access to enterprise class equipment, and the ability to go from 100 GB of RAM to 150; to 200; to 500; or to 1000 as they need to. With our redundant datacenters in St. Louis, Denver and Singapore, these resources are fully supported, monitored and guaranteed secure.

Big Enough to Matter, and Small Enough to Care
A large part of our unique value proposition is that we are big enough to matter, and small enough to care. Our scale and reach allow us to support technology on a massive scale; yet our neutral, agnostic approach to technology enables us to craft a package that is unique for each client. Whether it’s a quarterly, annually or at renewal, every aspect of every deal with every client is evaluated to ensure that value is being delivered, in a way that is comfortable for our clients, and in a way that makes sense to their business. Technology moves pretty fast, and as the market shifts toward a utility model for IT, we’re staying one step ahead of the curve.

About Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone is the CEO of Netelligent Corporation. With Stone’s guidance, technology expertise and ability to identify, recruit and retain the best talent, Netelligent now has one of the most robust and complete set of offerings in IT services today.
Aaron was ranked among the Top 100 St. Louisans to know to Succeed in Business, has multiple technology certifications, and is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. You can find Aaron on LinkedIn at or follow him on Twitter, @Stoneman_stl.

Netelligent Corporation Recognized by Cisco for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction in the United States

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) February 26, 2014 – Netelligent Corporation announced today that it has achieved a Customer Satisfaction Excellence Gold Star from Cisco. This designation recognizes Netelligent Corporation for delivering outstanding customer service to customers in the United States.

“We are proud to be recognized again by Cisco for their Excellent Customer Satisfaction Award. Customer service is key to our core values as we are very committed to delivering a “WOW” experience to our customers. Together with Cisco we work to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service,” said Susan Overby, Vice President of Human Resources and Customer Experience.

Cisco measures the customer satisfaction levels achieved by its Gold, Silver, and Premier Certified partners based on regional target goals, providing a weighted average of a partner’s pre- and post-sales support over a rolling 12-month period. Partners that achieve outstanding customer satisfaction are awarded the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Gold Star and can be found using the advanced search menu in the Cisco Partner Locator.

The Cisco Resale Channel Program provides a framework for partners to build the sales, technical, and Cisco Lifecycle Services skills required to deliver Cisco solutions to end customers. Through the program’s specializations and certifications, Cisco recognizes a partner’s expertise in deploying solutions based on Cisco advanced technologies and services. Using a third-party audit process, the program validates partner qualifications such as technology skills, business best practices, customer satisfaction, and presales and post-sales support capabilities – critical factors in choosing a trusted partner.

About Netelligent Corporation

Netelligent Corporation is a technology solutions company. Netelligent provides companies with the basic technologies they need to run their business (phone system, Servers/Virtualization, networking, video). Our mission is to help elevate business above technology. We take a neutral approach in helping to determine what IT consumption model best benefit’s each client organization (on-premise, managed, or cloud). Founded in 2003, Netelligent is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and has three data centers located in Colorado, Missouri, and Singapore. Netelligent is a Cisco Gold Partner and SOC II Certified. Additional information about Netelligent can be found on their website

Cisco, the Cisco logo and Cisco Systems are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems Inc. in the United States and certain other countries.

Netelligent Corporation Named to CRN’s Managed Service Provider 500 List

Netelligent Corporation, a technology solutions company, announced it has been named to CRN’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list as one of the MSP Elite 150. The annual list recognizes the top technology providers and consultants in North America whose cutting-edge approach to managed services puts end-user customers in the best position to improve efficiencies, cut costs and speed time to market for their own products and services.

In today’s world of computing power, end users are barraged by options. CRN, the leading media outlet for vendors and solution providers attempting to understand sales and service channels, selected the top MSPs in order to bring clarity to the decision-making process.

Netelligent is dedicated to their clients and takes a neutral approach to helping customers evaluate solutions best suited for their environment and business objectives. Basing its services off a hybrid IT model, Netelligent offers clients on-premise, managed and cloud options.

“The managed services landscape continues to evolve rapidly as organizations are discovering they can impact both bottom-line and top-line growth,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “When it comes to strong managed services and off-premise solutions, these companies are the industry’s proven leaders, showing just how they can change the game for their customers and we congratulate them on their success.”

“A large part of our unique value proposition is that we are big enough to matter, and small enough to care,” says CEO of Netelligent Corporation, Aaron Stone. “Technology moves pretty fast, and as the market shifts toward a utility model for IT, we help our customers stay one step ahead of the curve. It’s our honor to be recognized by CRN for this type of leadership.”

Coverage of the MSP500 will be featured in the February/March issue of CRN, and online at

About Netelligent
Netelligent Corporation is a technology solutions company. Netelligent provides companies with the basic technologies they need to run their business (phone system, Servers/Virtualization, networking, video). Our mission is to help elevate business above technology. We take a neutral approach in helping to determine what IT consumption model best benefit’s each client organization (on-premise, managed, or cloud). Founded in 2003, Netelligent is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and has three data centers located in Colorado, Missouri, and Singapore. Netelligent is a Cisco Gold Partner and SOC II Certified. Additional information about Netelligent can be found on their website

About the Channel Company
The Channel Company is the sales channel community’s trusted authority for growth and innovation, with established brands including CRN, XChange Events, IPED and SharedVue. For more than three decades, we have leveraged our proven and leading-edge platforms to deliver prescriptive sales and marketing solutions for the technology sales channel. The Channel Company provides Communication, Recruitment, Engagement, Enablement, Demand Generation and Intelligence services to drive technology partnerships. Learn more at

Global IT company invests $1.8 million in Chesterfield facility, creating 60 new jobs, Gov. Nixon announces

Netelligent’s expansion in Chesterfield highlights Missouri’s position as national leader in technology job growth

chesterfield, MO – Netelligent, a leading provider of technology solutions, plans to hire an additional 60 employees at its Chesterfield headquarters to support its global operations, Gov. Jay Nixon today announced. Netelligent’s expansion includes an investment of $1.8 million and further strengthens Missouri’s position as a national leader in technology job growth.

“Missouri is leading the way in technology job growth,” said Gov. Nixon. “High-tech companies, like Netelligent, are choosing to invest in Missouri because of our highly-skilled workforce, low-cost business environment, and outstanding quality of life. To continue attracting next-generation jobs to the Show-Me State, we must keep our commitment to public schools so that our students are prepared to compete and win in a 21st century economy.”

Missouri was the fastest-growing state for technology employment in 2013, according to new analysis by of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Missouri gained 2,700 tech positions in 2013, an increase of 8.4 percent, in the category of Professional and Business Services, Computer Systems design and Related Services.

With an established network of more than 3,500 information technology service firms, Netelligent is a global technology solutions company that provides companies with the basic technologies they need to run their businesses, including phone systems, servers, networking, and video. Netelligent’s mission is to help elevate business above technology and to help their clients determine which IT consumption model will best meet their needs.

The company has experienced significant growth in recent years. Since 2010, the company has increased revenues by 93 percent and has expanded their workforce by 64 percent. Netelligent is headquartered in Chesterfield, and has data centers in downtown St. Louis, Denver, Colo., and Singapore.

“When we launched Netelligent in 2003, we recognized Missouri as a place where we could really grow and succeed. And today, Missouri continues to build upon that business-friendly reputation, offering the type environment that allows high-tech companies like ours to thrive,” said Aaron Stone, president and CEO of Netelligent. “Netelligent is committed to growing our business in the St. Louis region, and we’re excited about the opportunities that this expansion will create.”

In 2010, Gov. Nixon’s Strategic Initiative for Economic Growth identified the information technology industry as a top target for next-generation job creation. Netelligent is just the latest in a series of information technology companies to announce major expansions in Missouri. In recent months, Valorem Consulting, LightEdge Solutions, BIME Analytics and Cerner have all announced expansion projects, bolstering Missouri’s reputation as a growing information technology hub.

To assist Netelligent with its expansion, the Department of Economic Development has offered a strategic incentive package that the company can receive if it meets strict job creation and investment criteria.

Netelligent Corporation Welcomes New VP of Sales and Marketing to their Growing Organization

Netelligent, a leading technology solution provider, today announced the appointment of Bob Hollander as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Once again, we are growing. With our accelerated business growth and the addition of Bob’s skill-set, Netelligent is positioned for immediate expansion and continuing growth,” said Aaron Stone, President and CEO of Netelligent.

Hollander brings more than 20 years of experience and expertise in business development to the team. Having served most recently as Senior Vice President of Hosting Solutions for Savvis, Hollander ran a number of North America sales teams, delivering double-digit growth in channel sales. “Netelligent is a great place for me given their reputation, solid track record and growing services offering,” says Hollander.

Hollander chose to join Netelligent based our unique ability to offer clients a combination of IT solutions. “It’s no longer about providing customers with one flavor of technology. I am excited to join Netelligent as they embrace a full-stack of on-premise, off-premise, hosted and cloud-based solutions. Consequently, Netelligent is poised to capitalize on the industry’s accelerating move towards hybrid IT” said Hollander. “I look forward to leading the sales and marketing teams, and to providing customers new and innovative ways to solve their business IT needs.”

One Size Does NOT fit All: How to Make Dollars and Sense Using Hybrid IT – Part 1

Hybrid IT is a popular term in the marketplace right now, and often we’re asked “As a Netelligent customer, how do we use the full breadth of products out there to create the best package? With so many technology offerings, what is the mix that will deliver maximum efficiency and cost / time savings to our organization?”
It’s a great question and the simple answer is, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. One of the greatest values we offer our clients is our ability to provide a thorough analysis of what the benefits may be of a visible solution, a transparent solution or an invisible solution – and then integrate these solutions on a technology-by-technology basis. To arrive at a more tangible answer however, it helps to understand what we mean when we use these terms.

At the heart of it, we’re an IT services organization, focused on offering the core services businesses need to run – for example, phone systems, networking, servers, virtualization and storage solutions. Visible technology is where we started as a company, and we’ve been doing that a long time. The visible part simply means that our customer invests in the equipment and software, and after we install it, the customer is willing to support it on a day to day basis. That’s our visible solution, and in certain situations, this is the best option.

Over the last several years, however, the market has changed considerably. And for the long term, we see it moving in the direction of a utility model for IT. We have invested in, and built out, an offering which allows us to offer companies a more integrated solution to IT, and so our transparent and invisible models pick up where some of our traditional competitors have left off. Customers who own their equipment but do not have the resources, or do not wish to allocate resources for installation or day to day maintenance, may choose a transparent solution.
With managed services, customers have flexibility when it comes to housing their equipment, and we provide consulting on which type of venue is the most cost effective. Some clients have already built out or plan to build out their own datacenters; and others can rent space at a colocation facility or through a third party colocation. The value is that in any of these scenarios, Netelligent is 100% accountable for the equipment. We staff engineers 24/7/365 to monitor and support it, and then troubleshoot issues as they arise. A managed services solution offers great peace of mind; and when you only have so many resources, it makes sense to outsource that piece of the puzzle. Managed services are the middle ground between our visible and invisible technology, and often the first step towards allowing someone else to be accountable for the solution.

Our invisible, or cloud based solutions include a Cisco based hosted phone system (HCS), a Cisco based virtual server environment (IaaS) and a virtual desktop as a service (VaaS). Instead of buying hardware, customers pay a monthly fee for the dedicated use of a certain amount of processing, RAM and storage on our equipment, which is redundantly located in our datacenters in St. Louis, Denver and Singapore. For customers who want state of the art, enterprise class equipment with a high level of scalability, security and redundancy, and don’t wish to invest in or manage it themselves, the cloud is the solution.
Many of our clients have migrated to the cloud for its scalability. An expanding business may quickly outgrow a 100 or 200 user platform; so it’s easy to turn the dial up or down depending on their usage, and they only pay for what they use. When businesses hire new employees, merge with other companies or whatever the case may be, the cloud allows us to scale their technology to the level that they need, as they need it. We support small companies with 100 employees in one location, and global companies with 50 international locations and 20,000 users.
Because managed services are inherently included with our cloud offerings, Netelligent is fully accountable for upgrades, monitoring and support for its cloud services. This further allows companies to be agile, and strategic with their IT and their resources. For an individual company, staffing 24/7/365 is very difficult and costly. If a company goes into an acquisition for example, a team that spends their day providing operational support might now have to onboard a new client, and still try to maintain their day to day focus. That’s where our scale really comes into play. It’s no longer just about money. It’s suddenly the ability to be strategic and efficiency focused that brings the most value.

Depending on the application, any one or a combination of these technologies will offer a business the greatest return on their technology investment. And again, not just the financial return but the ability to be agile and strategic with resources. There’s tremendous value in that, so understanding your options and how to integrate the different products and platforms is very important. Next week, I will discuss how Netelligent is able to determine the winning combination for each one of its clients.