Beyond being trusted advisors

Our commitment to your success does not end with just being an advisor – someone that can give you more knowledge. At Netelligent, we are ready to jump in what may seem like a briar patch of cables and software. We do this because it is our passion, and we’re committed to your success.

Huge value at no cost

The best part about this offering from us is that it costs you nothing. It is just part of the way we choose to do business. We help you understand what is right for you, do the paperwork to set it up, and then stay involved to help you maintain things.

When things change, we’ve got it covered

  • If equipment is moved … we will update your contract with the correct address.
  • If equipment is replaced … we will update your contract with the new serial number.
  • If equipment is upgraded … we will prorate the new Maintenance, using the remaining Maintenance already purchased on previous equipment.

Working well with others

The folks at Cisco and other vendors know, like and trust us. And there is good reason. We always introduce them to outstanding clients. And, we use our relationships with our partners to capture great deals for you on everything from the equipment to contracts.