Your Company’s Watchtower

Every community needs someone to make sure outside threats are neutralized and that there is a constant monitor against future attacks. We have people that do nothing but security. They stand watch on the walls of your organization. They’re ready to take aim against attackers and keep your business out of harm’s way.

For starters … we hack you

We start building out your company’s security by first breaking into it. We find the vulnerabilities present on your network just like a hacker would. We present them to you in a way that helps you make sense of just what these vulnerabilities can mean to your business.

Custom built walls

There are many methods out there to secure your infrastructure. Voice, data, video, chat – you name it, we can secure it. Our team knows the latest in security, and once we understand you, we provide a custom solution.


Invisible Technology

Stealthy vigilance against attacks.


Transparent Technology

With Netelligent and our partner Cisco on board, your data is on lockdown.


Visible Technology

We offer custom-designed solutions along with optional implementation services and training that are supported by your IT staff.